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60 Years of UCC in Pictures

UCC’s first office on the corner of Mosher and Stephens. Stepping back in time to where UCC was headquartered prior to campus’ construction.

1965, colorized

UCC was founded on March 30, 1964, when Harry Jacoby (right) received the Umpqua Community College charter from Governor Mark Hatfield (left) on election day when Douglas County voted overwhelmingly to have a community college established.

Mar. 30, 1964, Photo from the Harry Jacoby archive collection

UCC’s first board of education. This image is taken from a News-Review story that covered the new installation of the elected board and their first meeting. The board members were elected in the same March 30 election. 

From left, standing, William Markham of Riddle, George Marsh of Lookingglass, Kenneth Knechtel of Sutherlin, Dr. Clifford Babbitt of Roseburg; seated, Fred Booth of Yoncalla, Wayne Crooch of Roseburg and Charles Dowd of Canvonville.

Apr. 3, 1964 Clipping from the Kenneth Knechtel archive collection

UCC’s first graduating class; Alice Lane, Deanna Weiss, and Larry Albertson.

Jun. 1965, colorized

Photos from UCC’s campus groundbreaking ceremony. Harry Jacoby, Charles Dowd, Gov. Mark Hatfield, Kenneth Knechtel, Wayne Crooch, Elton Jackson, Bill Markham, Dr. Leon Minear, Dr. Clifford Babbit, Ray Coffenberry, speaking; Rev. Tyson

May 5, 1966, colorized

Bill Markham, Charles Dowd, Harry Jacoby, Gov. Mark Hatfield, and Dr. Leon Minear at the campus groundbreaking ceremony.

May 5, 1966

A model of the campus’ proposed design. 


Completed as part of phase two (1967-1968) of UCC’s campus construction, Snyder Fountain (previously unnamed until 2016 and generally called the UCC Fountain) is one of the oldest features of the campus. Photo taken Oct. 2023.

Associated Student Body (ASUCC) Officers 1970-1971 Standing: UCC President Harry Jacoby, Jim Babe, Shirley Hughes, Steve Whetherell, Linda Deardorff, Olan Hatcher, Director of Student Services Jim West Seated: ASB President Mike Whetherell, Peggy Hopkins, Donna Nerell, Mickey Grimes, Ricardo Navarro


1968 yearbook, Impressions: Math-Science section.

Gov. Tom McCall at the dedication ceremony of the UCC Community (now, Jacoby) Auditorium.

Oct 1, 1972

The naming of Jacoby Auditorium is in honor of both Harry, UCC’s first president, and Florence, longtime art instructor at UCC. The auditorium was named in their honor on June 14, 1981.

The Doobie Brothers performed at the first concert held in the UCC Community Auditorium on Nov. 1, 1972. Article detailing the event was highlighted in “Splinters,” the student newspaper on Nov. 10, 1972. (From the Harry Jacoby archive collection.)

Construction image of the Whipple Fine Arts Center features the installation of solar panels on the building’s facade.


Whipple nearing construction completion in 1979.

Various promotional images created for UCC’s publications representing the music department, men’s basketball, nursing, and engineering. 

1970s, colorized

Clipping from The News-Review detailing the installation of UCC’s data processing computer as staff moves into the newly completed Educational Skills Building, (now named the Educational Support Building).

The clipping reads: George Roth, director of data processing at Umpqua Community College, is busy this week moving his operation into UCC’s new Educational Skills Building. Besides the data processing department, the $1.1 million structure will house UCC’s learning skills center and instructional materials center.

The building will be open officially beginning with the winter term Monday. The 13,000- square-foot structure is heated partially by solar heat. It has 2,100 square feet of roof-mounted solar panels.

The News-Review, Dec. 30, 1980

A news story on UCC featuring the establishment of the Partnership for Growth program at Gregory Forest Products (purchased by the neighboring Swanson Group in the 1990s) in Glendale. The class was established to instruct employees on a range of basic skills including writing, math, computers, and typing. These classes were so successful the story was broadcast nationally on NBC Nightly News. 

News story clips compiled Feb. 1988

An internal tape titled “Roads to Opportunity” highlights a state-wide initiative to celebrate and raise awareness of the importance of Oregon’s community colleges.

Apr. 19, 1993

The flag shown alongside UCC President Dr. James Kraby and the ASUCC traveled to all 16 (now 17) of Oregon’s community colleges before making its final stop at the community college national conference being held in Portland. The ribbons along the pole represented the school colors of each school it was passed to as it changed hands.

The flag was delivered from Southwestern Oregon Community College and UCC took the flag to Lane Community College on the next stop of its trip north.

Apr. 19, 1993

Groundbreaking ceremony of the Woolley Center in the Fir Grove section of Stewart Park, hosted by UCC President Dr. I.S. “Bud” Hakanson (center left), in March 1985. The Woolley Center opened in September 1985. 

Mar. 1985

UCC’s digital systems technology program was featured in an advertisement titled, “One-third of the Cost,” produced by KPIC.

Oct. 4, 1991

Photos from UCC’s community relations office highlight surveying and chemistry programs.


UCC’s student center with the class registration line, used in an advertisement titled, “UCC College in General PSA,” produced by KPIC.

Sept. 1, 1993

Photo of graduates entering and taking their seats at the 1992 graduation ceremony, taken from the stage in Jacoby Auditorium. 

June 1992

Students converse in a classroom in an image used as part of a fall registration advertisement titled, “What Are You Doing?” produced by KPIC.

Sept. 1994

UCC’s 1994 volleyball team shown practicing in an image used as part of a fall registration advertisement titled, “What Are You Doing?” produced by KPIC.

Sept. 1994


UCC automotive professor (and eventual Spirit of Umpqua Hall of Fame inductee in 2019), Vic Bridges, instructs his class on engine function in an advertisement for fall registration. titled, “Vic,” produced by KPIC 

Sept. 1, 1995


UCC’s cheerleaders rally outside of Jacoby Auditorium in an image used as part of a fall registration advertisement titled, “What Are You Doing?” produced by KPIC.

Sept. 1994


UCC art professor (and eventual Spirit of Umpqua Hall of Fame inductee in 2014), Marie Rasmussen, instructs a painting class in an advertisement for fall registration titled, “Marie,” produced by KPIC

Sept. 1, 1995

A photo of UCC’s theatre department’s 1994 production of The Wizard of Oz used in a fall registration advertisement titled, “What Are You Doing?” produced by KPIC.

Brian Bartley as Scarecrow, Dirk Snyder as The Cowardly Lion, Lisa Neyhart as Dorothy, and Doyle Ward as The Tin Woodsman.

Sept. 1994


UCC science professor (and eventual Spirit of Umpqua Hall of Fame inductee in 2004), Dr. Dale Ritter, teaches in a chemistry lab in a fall registration advertisement titled, “Dr Dale Ritter,” produced by KPIC.

Sept. 1, 1995

A student crosses the stage after receiving their associate degree at the 1994 graduation ceremony.

Student: Roberta Jo Braley

June 1994

The Mainstream, UCC’s student newspaper, produces a video titled “Spotlight on the UCC Grounds,” featuring UCC’s Snyder Fountain.

Feb. 9, 2011

Students discuss in a circle their essay topics for Dr. Delores McNaughton’s writing class. Footage was taken for inclusion UCC’s “College Bound” advertisement produced by KPIC.

Sep. 1, 2005

A model showing the original design concept for what is now named the Danny Lang Teaching, Learning & Event Center. Footage was taken from “Southern Oregon Wine Institute: a catalyst for economic development,” an informational video detailing the early inception of UCC’s viticulture and enology program.



A UCC nursing student washes their hands before a lab exercise, shown in an informational video titled, “Your UCC,” produced by Imagestream.

July 20, 2007


UCC Debate Club and The Mainstream present their first Campus Debate in the student center. Chase Gilley speaks at the podium offering the affirmation’s rebuttal. Both the Debate Club and The Mainstream were the two largest student organizations at the time.

May 14, 2010


Students walk across campus near the compass on a spring day shown in the video, “Southern Oregon Wine Institute: a catalyst for economic development.”



Thomas Humbert does a cartwheel during his audition to become UCC’s first costumed Riverhawk Mascot. The audition was held January 13, 2011. See the video story by The Mainstream here: Quest for the Riverhawk

Jan. 25, 2011


A nursing student does a cartwheel in the hallway of the program’s then off-campus labs. The completion of the Health, Nursing & Science Center in 2015 moved the program’s labs back to campus. Footage taken from the 2012 nursing students graduation video.

Jun. 4, 2012

A student holds up their degree holder in celebration at the conclusion of the 2004 graduation ceremony.

Jun. 11, 2004

Aerial footage of the completed October 1, 2015 memorial.

Mar. 12, 2021

Engineering program demonstrates their robotic arm at the 14th annual Explore UCC Event.

Mar. 7, 2024


Nursing student, Danielle Hubbard preps a saline drip in the nursing lab in HNSC. On March 7, Hubbard attended the Presidential State of the Union address as a special guest of U.S. Representative Val Hoyle. Congresswoman Hoyle invited the second-year nursing student to the Washington, D.C. speech after spending time with her during a campus tour.

Feb. 22, 2024

Computer information systems program shows off their drone and robot technology in an obstacle course at the 14th annual Explore UCC Event.

Mar. 7, 2024


The debut of the new Riverhawk. After 8 years of service the previous Riverhawk mascot graduated and passed the torch to its new green successor.

Jan. 29, 2019

Emma Aiono shoots the final basket winning the women’s basketball game against Lane Community College, with a final score of 79 to 75.

Jan. 10, 2024

Benny Beaver from Oregon State University and Rocky Raider from Southern Oregon University join students, staff, and faculty as they cheer on UCC’s basketball teams in the 2019 “Inside Out” campus tour video. Their inclusion representing long-standing articulation agreements with both 4-year universities.
July 1, 2019

UCC joined Oregon’s 16 other community colleges for the 2019 OCCA Legislative Days, at the state capitol in Salem.

Mar. 7, 2019


Computer information systems student put on their Riverhawk hats after signing their letters of intent at UCC’s first CTE Signing Day.

Mar. 12, 2019

A UCC graduate celebrates and passes by in a car during the 2021 drive through graduation ceremony. The ceremony was held in this form due to Covid-19 social distancing restrictions.

June 11, 2021


A student tries the welding program’s augmented reality training tool at the 14th annual Explore UCC Event.

Mar. 7, 2024


EMS students learn about working with air medical services and experience a REACH helicopter landing.

Apr. 8, 2023

Students, Ana Augusto and Vitoria Marocci, sing karaoke at the 2023 Party Like a Hawkstar student celebration event.

June 2, 2023


Students toss their graduation caps at the 2023 graduation ceremony.

June 16, 2023

Aerial view of the UCC campus.

Oct. 9, 2020