Changing the Formula Through Innovation

Changing the Formula Through Innovation

ROSEBURG, Oregon – Umpqua Community College (UCC) continues to shows its dedication to innovation through its latest addition to the UCC campus. A brand new, fully-equipped video production studio just came to life in the Moody Room of the Sue Shaffer Learning Commons and Library. The studio is the brainchild of Dr. Mary Stinnett, a mathematics professor who wanted a better way to deliver classes to students who are learning remotely.

“In today’s world, the ability to create quality media is within most peoples’ grasp,” Stinnett said. “Because of this, our students are exposed to high-end video and audio production in common, everyday encounters. When a student enrolls for a remote or online class, they inadvertently expect the same quality in their course presentation. Prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, UCC had limited resources to create professional level audio and media productions to match similar caliber.”

When the UCC Foundation, which is the College’s primary fundraiser, announced the open submission of innovation grants, Stinnett led the charge to apply for a grant on behalf of UCC’s Math Department. Little did she know that the mere request for a camera, microphone, editing software, and a few backdrops would eventually grow into a more than $11,000 full production studio.

“At first, looking at the space and the technology available is completely overwhelming,” she said. “I am going from teaching via a document camera over Zoom, to the ability to create videos with a camera, separate microphone, lights, and backdrops. It is honestly a surreal jump into the present.”

The studio features two 4K video cameras, two MacBook Pros with full video editing suites, high-quality microphones, studio and portable backdrops and lighting, a lighted learning glass, and a number of gadgets and gizmos that can be used to better serve the educational needs of UCC students.

“[Traditional] math lectures can be boring and dry,” Stinnett said. “[But today], math lectures can be innovative, thought provoking, and applicable. However, no matter the quality of the instruction, without quality recording equipment, a best intention can flop. With access to a recording studio that has some pieces that instructors can take home to use, this gives anyone on campus the ability to create professional grade videos.”

The recording studio is just one of seven projects the UCC Foundation selected for funding. Altogether, the UCC Foundation invested more than $20,000 in new technologies to help facilitate continued student learning.

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