Climbing the Highest Mountain

Climbing the Highest Mountain

ROSEBURG, Oregon – When climbing a mountain, many people find that a guide is needed to navigate the journey effectively and safely. As students enroll in college, the Free Application for Student Aid (FAFSA) is a challenge for many who go it alone.

In fact, now we are facing a new challenge – not being able to meet in-person with students. Other challenges include the fact that many high schools are out; leaving current high school seniors without their counselor’s help to guide them through the FAFSA application process. Similarly, other prospective students such as those who may be returning to college because of job layoffs and other reasons can also find the FAFSA to be challenging.

UCC’s Financial Aid Department is gearing up to help students through the journey to submitting a completed FAFSA. Help that students can expect are:

  • How to set up an FSA ID
  • How to recover a forgotten or lost FSA ID
  • Walking through the FAFSA process
  • Completing unsatisfied requirements
  • Reaching deadlines for scholarships that require a completed FAFSA

Ben Horvath, UCC Financial Aid Specialist, said, I was recently on a 3-way call with a student and his parent. This allowed me to help both at the same time. We entered the parent’s income information and walked through the FAFSA screens.

One of the biggest challenges is meeting unsatisfied requirements. Once a FAFSA is submitted, it is processed. During processing, any missing piece of information will trigger an unsatisfied requirement. When this occurs, an email is sent to the student’s college email address. This will essentially stop the entire financial aid process. So, it is very important for students to check their college email regularly and to make an appointment if they need help satisfying a requirement.

Horvath is available for phone, email, and Zoom support. Students don’t have to make the FAFSA journey alone. He is ready to efficiently guide students in submitting a successful application.

In addition to FAFSA help, UCC’s Financial Aid Department provides help with securing Pell grants, federal loans, and federal work study placement. The goal is to help students to be able to concentrate on their studies. Please do not hesitate to ask for help. UCC is here to make your financial aid journey easier.

Image (top): Ben Horvath, Financial Aid Specialist, is willing and able to guide your journey to financial aid.

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