Determined to Welcome More Students This Fall

Determined to Welcome More Students This Fall

ROSEBURG, Oregon – Without a doubt, COVID-19 has disrupted all of our lives. Who knew that when many of us left campus last March that we would be away for this long? Despite the many obstacles we have all encountered over the past year, countless students have stuck with their studies and are now preparing to graduate in June.

UCC is determined to return to more normal campus operations this Fall term. As more people become eligible to receive COVID-19 vaccinations and the transmission rates remain low, the College is able to safely and gradually offer more opportunities for in-person instruction. While the campus has been partially closed over the past year, several projects to bring new technologies to campus have been completed. As more classroom doors begin to reopen to welcome more students, those new technologies will be used to expand learning opportunities.

This last year has proven that our students can persevere during difficult times while constantly learning new concepts, Missy Olson, UCC’s Assistant Vice-President for Enrollment and Student Services, said. As we look toward the future, UCC will continue to incorporate new technology and virtual classes while also bringing back in-person course options and activities.

UCC will offer five delivery models this Fall:

1. Hybrid (50-50)
Enrolled students will be split into two groups. Half of the students will attend class in person (F2F), and the other half will attend synchronously via zoom; then they will switch the next day of class. Classes will be split equally between F2F and synchronously each week. Classes with enrollment of 12 or less may meet F2F as a group if social distancing can be met.

2. Remote Delivery
Remote delivery is defined as virtual synchronous instruction led via Zoom. Working remotely during COVID-19 has created interest in many students who desire to continue to learn using Zoom.

3. WEB/Online Delivery
Online classes are defined as fully asynchronous. They have been previously approved by UCC Online for web delivery.

4. F2F for (selected) Career and Technical Education
CTE courses that were approved for F2F instruction will continue as is.

We know that every student learns differently and has various life circumstances impacting his or her schedule, Olson said. We hope our various class offerings programs can meet individual needs while supporting our students’ successes.

Please keep in mind that campus life will not be exactly like it was before the pandemic. We will continue to follow all state mandates that currently include mask usage and enforcing physical distancing guidelines. As an institution, we also encourage people to get vaccinated if they can.

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Missy Olson
Assistant Vice President, Enrollment & Student Services
Phone: 541-440-7865