Exploring a Future in Healthcare
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Exploring a Future in Healthcare

UCC sociology student Michael Tincher credits sociology professor Dr. Alex Olsen for helping him sharpen his focus and plan for his career in psychology or public health. Michael aims to transfer to UC Davis or the University of Washington.

“My instructor, Alex, is super cool and helped me along my journey. Her background and the many places she’s worked, including Manhattan, have really inspired me,” said Michael. “She has known me from the beginning and encourages me to take a step back and enjoy my own journey in college. It’s a little different for all of us.”

Alex has enjoyed getting to know Michael better through in-person learning and seeing him improve as a student. “It can be challenging to take control of all the things you have to do in college,” she said.

Michael recognizes his growth as a student, adding, “The time management skills I’ve learned will enable me to reach the next level of my education and help me throughout my career.”