Lifelong Friends Explore UCC Curriculum
Success Stories

Lifelong Friends Explore UCC Curriculum

While extracting DNA from plant specimens in biology class, Tyla Elam and Ceci Potter, best friends since 3rd grade in Yoncalla, explore ideas about their future.

Ceci would like to pursue a career in international studies, which would allow her to travel and see the world. “The atmosphere here is comfortable, and I am encouraged to learn, as I feel motivated. UCC has so much to offer students, and there are people that are ready to support you and welcome you.”

Tyla mentions that she would like to become a radiologist, which she describes as a doctor with a technical side that gets to work with machinery. “The teachers are amazing and will work with you if you go to them and are very flexible if you show that you are working hard and care about your education. UCC is an amazing college, and it has many events and opportunities to get plugged into the UCC community.”

This is their last year at UCC. The two are excited about graduation and plan to continue along their path together and transfer to Whitworth University in Washington in the fall.