Making the Massive Shift to Online Learning

Making the Massive Shift to Online Learning

ROSEBURG, Oregon – The COVID-19 pandemic has been a historical and unprecedented event that is affecting people worldwide. Through it all, Umpqua Community College (UCC) is rising to the challenge of providing students a stabilizing worthwhile activity: the pursuit of educational goals and dreams.

The Great Recession of 2008 taught us that now is the time to reach out and learn new knowledge and skills. Those who did so back in 2008 came out stronger as the recovery started. The same applies today, even in this new situation.

Overall, UCC faculty and staff have accomplished a huge amount of work to serve students. For the Spring Term 2020, which officially started on Monday, April 6, 223 classes that were scheduled as face-to-face were converted for remote delivery. In spite of the uneasiness experienced by many about the conversion, people all over the UCC campus stepped up to help.

During that first week of the Spring term, the College logged some impressive online numbers related to Zoom:

  • 1,052 Classes/Meetings took place
  • 107,115 Total Minutes
  • 3,572 Participants

Much of this conversion required specialized efforts. Science experiments and other hands-on experiences were filmed for students to analyze. Music lessons were delivered remotely – no easy feat. Kits for all kinds of classes were assembled in order for students to work on them at home.

In addition, College departments coordinated efforts to accommodate students. Staff from the Hawk Shop, Facilities, and Student Services provided a drive-through pickup for books and course materials, supplementing the delivery of these things by mail.

Similarly, many departments that provide students with services such as Academic Advising, Academic Coaching, Career Coaching, Financial Aid, Life Coaching, and others shifted their service online, too. At this time, students can make appointments to meet with staff via Zoom.

Because of the critical global situation, new student needs were exposed. Rising to the challenge, the Office of College Advancement is managing an emergency fund in order to distribute help to students in need.

These are just some of the things that demonstrate the passion UCC has for its students! What does the future hold? That is a little unsure. All indications are that restrictions will be in place through the Fall term. UCC is anxiously awaiting the governor’s next executive order. One thing that UCC wants students to know is that we are here for them and that we are in this together.

If you are making plans to be career ready in the future and think going to college may be an option for you, reach out to our Admissions team to explore your opportunities.

Image (top): Louis Lucero, Baker Web Academy high school junior and UCC dual credit student takes newly-converted ENGR 245 – SOLIDWORKS online from home.

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