Self Preservation in a Time of Rapid Change

Self Preservation in a Time of Rapid Change

ROSEBURG, Oregon – In the age of the current pandemic, extra stress has been loaded down on many students. Stress can be good and it can be bad. It depends on the type of stress one experiences and the strategies one uses to manage it. Whatever students may be experiencing, UCC’s Counseling Services is available for brief, confidential, and personal counseling. If stress and other emotional or mental challenges are impacting academic studies, it would be wise for students to take advantage of these services.

It is an honor and a gift to work with students, Hanna Culbertson, UCC’s Life Coach, said. I have witnessed a huge amount of positive change and resilience among those who come in for counseling.

Culbertson has worked at the College for the past year. As a former UCC student herself, she fully understands the challenges students face. She also knows the role that the current global pandemic is playing in their lives.

The outbreak produced changes that happened quickly, she said. Almost immediately, people had to de-socialize which made it more stressful since everyone’s normal support networks were cutoff.

Culbertson’s main message to students is, It’s okay to not feel okay. Don’t push feelings down. Don’t dismiss them. Sooth yourself. Take a walk. Take a break. Put your feet in the grass. Listen to music.

She also offers some other general strategies:

  • Establish a daily routine
  • Get dressed
  • Set a schedule for work and rest
  • Be sure to do self-care
    • Do homework in the sunshine
    • Exercise
    • Do yard work
  • Stay socially connected while being socially distant

On the other hand, consider limiting:

  • Social Media
  • News Consumption
  • Negative thoughts
    • Thinking about worse-case scenarios
    • Focusing on things out of your control

Culbertson virtually sees about 13-15 students per week for counseling sessions and about 3-5 students in her weekly Managing Your Moods stress management group session. Personal and group counseling are available via Zoom. Students can schedule counseling sessions by logging in to Advisortrac.

In addition to counseling, Culbertson also assists students with practical matters by connecting them to campus and community resources.

If you need help, remember that we are all in this together she said. Please reach out.

Image (top): Hanna Culbertson, Life coach, is available for brief, confidential, and personal counseling.


Hanna Culbertson
Life Coach
[email protected]