Start college as a River Hawk. Finish as a Beaver.

Start college as a River Hawk. Finish as a Beaver.

ROSEBURG, Oregon – Oregon State University (OSU) is a major educational destination for many students. No wonder, it ranks #33 in the nation. It’s #1 in the Northwest for innovation and #2 overall in Oregon. Additionally, it ranks #2 in Forestry worldwide, #4 in Robotics nationwide, and #11 in Nuclear Engineering nationwide. Finally, its online offerings, known as Ecampus, rank #5 in the nation.

It’s easy to see why Umpqua Community College (UCC) has seen an increasing interest in the OSU Degree Partnership Program (DPP), which allows undergraduate students to be jointly admitted and enrolled at OSU and UCC. What’s great is both institutions have extensive online options. This translates into flexibility for students. A big question is: What are advantages of the program?

Students get early access to advising resources to ensure they are on track with their OSU program of study, while taking less expensive classes at UCC,” Jessica Richardson, UCC’s Recruitment Coordinator, said. “UCC sends transcripts to OSU after each term, so the student’s advising plan can be regularly updated and monitored. DPP students can also access scholarships, tutoring, disability services, and more from both campuses. The financial aid offices at both institutions work together to ensure the financial aid package is coordinated.

UCC has around 55 students enrolled in DPP.

“Through continued work with OSU and our admissions office, we hope to continue to encourage future Beavers to join this program,” Richardson said.

KC Perley

KC Perley lecturing at Crescent Valley High School

Enrollment has been steadily increasing as the word has gotten out about the success of this transformational program. KC Perley, a UCC alumni, is a successful program participant. He is currently teaching U.S. History, AVID, and Senior Seminar at Crescent Valley High School in Corvallis. With two OSU bachelor degrees under his belt, his current goal is to earn a master’s degree so he can teach at the community college level.

The OSU Degree Partnership Program provided me with a great amount of flexibility,” Perley said. “It allowed me to work and complete internships at UCC, while taking online courses through Ecampus at OSU. It also allowed me to finish my general education requirements for my Bachelor of Science in History degree, as well as my social studies teaching requirements for my degree in Education. This saved me a lot of money going to school for two undergraduate degrees!”

“The most important thing about the DPP is I was able to experience another year with my UCC family and contribute back to the UCC community, for which I will forever be grateful.

A wide range of degree options are available in DPP-covering any degrees that OSU offers. In many cases, continuous advising is necessary. The program is more straightforward for programs that are designed to transfer directly to OSU with minimal advising. Examples of these articulated degrees offered between UCC and OSU are Agricultural Business, Computer Science, Engineering, Forestry, Natural Resources, and Renewable Materials.

So, if you think bucked teeth, fur, and a flat tail are in your future, consider starting with a beak, feathers, and wings. UCC is more than happy to help you get your feathers on and then make the transformation to Beaver status.

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