Strengthening the Campus Community’s Roots
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Strengthening the Campus Community’s Roots

ROSEBURG, Oregon – It has been nearly three months since an unprecedented snowstorm hit Douglas County. Despite the widespread blackouts and downed trees that damaged the Umpqua Community College (UCC) campus, signs of new life are beginning to take root, thanks to the Associated Students of Umpqua Community College.

ASUCC, the College’s student leadership group, in collaboration with UCC’s facilities team, recently organized an event that not only united the community, but replaced 16 trees that were downed by the winter storm. Last week, a variety of clubs, organizations, and interest groups planted replacement trees around campus.

The trees were purchased from Wintergreen Nursery Landscaping & Florist in Winston. The price tag was just under $1,000 and included a discount. A variety of carefully-selected Dogwood, Maple, Golden Chains, and Redwoods were planted at different areas on campus.

“Not only were the trees chosen for their beauty, they were also chosen based on how much maintenance they would require in the future,” Pam Goodwin, ASUCC’s Activities Director, said. “We couldn’t get trees that would leave a big mess for facilities to clean up, so we were mindful of that.”

The tree planting began Thursday, May 9, and continued through Friday, May 10. The final planting took place Monday, May 13, between the Educational Support Building and the LaVerne Murphy Student Center, with a white Dogwood, which is the only blooming tree to be planted. White was the color chosen to represent February’s unprecedented snow.

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