UCC Announces 2023 Spring Term Honor Roll

UCC Announces 2023 Spring Term Honor Roll

The Umpqua Community College (UCC) Director of Registration and Records has announced the 2023 Spring Term Honor Roll. The President’s List (3.75 or higher GPA) is comprised of 221 full-time students (12 credits or more), and 95 students are on the Dean’s List (3.74 to 3.50 GPA).

The names and cities of residence are as accurate as possible at the time of publication. Students requesting confidentiality are not published.


President’s List

John Paul Lavarias Anchorage AK
Leila Sidhu Chino Hills CA
Joshua Sturholm Hayward CA
Annabel Garcia Santa Clara CA
Daniel Devorkin Colorado Springs CO
Kodi Fisher Fort Stewart GA
Aidan Lee Butte MT
Dominik Tavares Henderson NV
Brandon Cabrera Aloha OR
Jessica Bohn Bend OR
Sierra Fitzhugh Brookings OR
Brooklyn Wolfe Camas Valley OR
Elizabeth Parker Camas Valley OR
Hunter Langley Canyonville OR
Isaiah Jenks Canyonville OR
Robert Wiggs Canyonville OR
Kaden Clute Cornelius OR
Courtney Whetzel Days Creek OR
Gaven Harris Dillard OR
Alexx Wilkins Drain OR
Betsy Slatten Drain OR
Dariyan Woodard Drain OR
Sofie Dooley Drain OR
Vanessa Luviano Drain OR
Howard Fuller Eugene OR
Julie Spears Eugene OR
Lisa Vincent Eugene OR
Paige Happeny Eugene OR
Rachel Arceo Eugene OR
Sara Sherman EUGENE OR
Sara Walecki Eugene OR
Shelbi Ward Eugene OR
Alivea McAlpin Glide OR
Ethan Espinosa Glide OR
Katelynn Stiles Glide OR
Kylie Rubrecht Glide OR
Miranda Rubrecht Glide OR
Nathan York Glide OR
Pauline Ngigi Glide OR
Shannon Halliday Grants Pass OR
Tamarin Barkhuizen Grants Pass OR
Kaitlyn Klohk Lebanon OR
Jonathan Gassman Medford OR
Abigail Messner Myrtle Creek OR
Briane Gillam Myrtle Creek OR
Caitlyn Mosher Myrtle Creek OR
Claire Cupp Myrtle Creek OR
Gage Stevens Myrtle Creek OR
Hope Cooksey Myrtle Creek OR
Hurrsh Misttry Myrtle Creek OR
Josie Vermillion Myrtle Creek OR
Landen Chung Myrtle Creek OR
Lauren Palma Myrtle Creek OR
Mariah Cole Myrtle Creek OR
Mariah Huse Myrtle Creek OR
Mckaylie Elmore Myrtle creek OR
Nicole Gaddis Myrtle Creek OR
Paige Wheeler Myrtle Creek OR
Rogue Skrip Myrtle Creek OR
Teesha Ronan Myrtle Creek OR
Tracy Thibodeau Myrtle Creek OR
Emma Page Newberg OR
Auria Vallotton Oakland OR
Joshua Corrington Oakland OR
Lainey Sherman Oakland OR
Luke Dougherty Oakland OR
Nicholas Clyde Oakland OR
Tiana Oberman Oakland OR
Veronica Sigl Oakland OR
Tellisa Buckler Portland OR
Kaleigh Smith Prineville OR
Aaron Buckley Roseburg OR
Adam Harris Roseburg OR
Adriana Posada Roseburg OR
Aleshya Harmon Roseburg OR
Ally VanNorman Roseburg OR
Alyx Brennan Roseburg OR
Amaya Goins Roseburg OR
Amy Jordan Roseburg OR
Ana Carolina Augusto Roseburg OR
Andrea Smith Roseburg OR
Andrew Pritchett Roseburg OR
Andrew Sibley Roseburg OR
Anna Carter Roseburg OR
Ashlee Brasure Roseburg OR
Audrey Hughey Roseburg OR
Autumn Heatley Roseburg OR
Brandon Flynn Roseburg OR
Brian Criger Roseburg OR
Cadence Wechter Roseburg OR
Caleb Jones Roseburg OR
Catherine Blocher Roseburg OR
Chelsea Miller Roseburg OR
Electa Heinz Roseburg OR
Elijah Piazza Roseburg OR
Elisha Rudy Roseburg OR
Eliza Nestripke Roseburg OR
Emaleigh Sizemore Roseburg OR
Emily Stetson Roseburg OR
Emily Thompson Roseburg OR
Emma Antonio Roseburg OR
Gabriel Magee Roseburg OR
Garrett Haywood Roseburg OR
Garrett Zeimet Roseburg OR
Giovanni Boyle Roseburg OR
Glen Thompson Roseburg OR
Grant Johnson Roseburg OR
Hadyn Wheeler Roseburg OR
Haleigh Wambolt Roseburg OR
Helena Garcia Roseburg OR
Holly Floto Roseburg OR
Honeylaine Villao Roseburg OR
Hope Bancroft Roseburg OR
Jamie Mudge Roseburg OR
Jamison Zeliff Roseburg OR
Jasher Sathianathan Roseburg OR
Jasmine Reeser Roseburg OR
Jeremiah Elye Roseburg OR
Jeremy Trullinger Roseburg OR
Jewelianna Barbosa Roseburg OR
Jill Pierce Roseburg OR
Joanne Standley Roseburg OR
John Oliverson Roseburg OR
Jonah Webber Roseburg OR
Jonathan Humphries Roseburg OR
Josephine Bennett Roseburg OR
Joshua Salchenberg Roseburg OR
Josiah Green Roseburg OR
Jules Asa Roseburg OR
Kayla Tyler Roseburg OR
Kaylee White Roseburg OR
Keelin Johnson Roseburg OR
Kyle Cusick Roseburg OR
Kyle Smith Roseburg OR
Kylee Carpenter Roseburg OR
Lakeisha Schultz West Roseburg OR
Layken Woodard Roseburg OR
Leslie Baird Roseburg OR
Lori Bogle Roseburg OR
Maggie Wheaton Roseburg OR
Maja Rahm Roseburg OR
Maleata Polamalu Roseburg OR
Malia Reichel Narciso Roseburg OR
Mariah Summers Roseburg OR
Meghan Vatland Roseburg OR
Michael Preston Roseburg OR
Mikayla Alexander Roseburg OR
Milaneta Snuka-Polamalu Roseburg OR
Mitchell Thoma-Britt Roseburg OR
Mya Schuyler Roseburg OR
Nannette DeBose Roseburg OR
Naomi Nibler Roseburg OR
Nicholas Brown Roseburg OR
Nicholas Reed Roseburg OR
Nickalas Jarvis Roseburg OR
Nicole Kloha Roseburg OR
Nicole Stembridge Roseburg OR
Rachelle Mcdonald Roseburg OR
Sahalie Nelson Roseburg OR
Samantha Kilgore Roseburg OR
Savaun Deng Roseburg OR
Seth Bowden Roseburg OR
Shayla Pham Roseburg OR
Shelby Furbush Roseburg OR
Spencer Hopkins Roseburg OR
Stephanie Blix Roseburg OR
Steven Scott Roseburg OR
Taylor Black Roseburg OR
Tiffany Smith Roseburg OR
Trevor Muir Roseburg OR
Tyler Rowland Roseburg OR
Viviana Young Roseburg OR
Zackary Cheatham Roseburg OR
Madelyn Sharp Sprague River OR
Aubry Brownson Sutherlin OR
Branden Summers Sutherlin OR
Candie Dagel Sutherlin OR
Cindy Pierce Sutherlin OR
Connor Moser Sutherlin OR
Corbin Sarnoski Sutherlin OR
James Callas Sutherlin OR
Reyna Woodall Sutherlin OR
Shyenne Prokop Sutherlin OR
Tiana Bernich Gushwa Sutherlin OR
Tianna Murphy Sutherlin OR
Tucker Cozart Sutherlin OR
Taylor Heie Talent OR
MLiss Shrum Tenmile OR
Chad Frazier Umpqua OR
Matthew Harting Umpqua OR
Elyse Prowell Winchester OR
Peyton Manning Winchester OR
Sophavid Choum-Starkey Winchester OR
Amy Whitney Winston OR
Charletta Allensworth Winston OR
Cora Wanamaker Winston OR
Danielle Hubbard Winston OR
Dawn Brown Winston OR
Joanna Clark Winston OR
Josiah Brands Winston OR
Kimberly Way Winston OR
Linlin Cheng Winston OR
Mason Ramirez Winston OR
Miles Hanson Winston OR
Nicholas Nunez Winston OR
Rachelle Willis Winston OR
Reston James Winston OR
Setiva Gardner Winston OR
Stephanie Patrick Winston OR
Stevie Dell Winston OR
Tamara Purcival Winston OR
Timothy Kazzee Winston OR
Zoey Smalley Winston OR
Erick Neely Yoncalla OR
Karena Cook Yoncalla OR
Nicolas Mosqueda Houston TX
Daniel Gee American Fork UT
Rachel Noyce Heber City UT
Lawson Coy Lake Stevens WA
Micah Perrin Walla Walla WA

Dean’s List

Sydney Schafer Boise ID
Jack Johnson Genesee ID
Yessenia Morales Nampa ID
Eric Hart Butte MT
Hannah Morgan Lionudakis Azalea OR
Noah Hill Azalea OR
Madeline Betancourt Canyonville OR
Jizel Ibarra Aguirre Central Point OR
Matthias Lystrup Drain OR
Broderick Spurlock Eugene OR
Jonathan Leaton Eugene OR
Kairon Johnson Gardiner OR
Rayana Arana Glendale OR
Carly Thompson Glide OR
Victoria Linne Glide OR
Paige Baumgardner Gold Hill OR
Kahli McNeilly Grants Pass OR
Leonna Sauer Myrtle Creek OR
Marlee Graf Myrtle Creek OR
Seyera Hendrix Myrtle Creek OR
Jesse Parker Oakland OR
Levi Palmer Oakland OR
Courtney Manicke Reedsport OR
Megan Franko Rogue River OR
Aiden Norris Roseburg OR
Andrea Barrera Roseburg OR
Angela Henderson Roseburg OR
Anna Bozovich Roseburg OR
April Flamion Roseburg OR
Autumn Perez Roseburg OR
Danielle Williams Roseburg OR
David Munoz Roseburg OR
Derek Sjogren Roseburg OR
Dominick Butler Roseburg OR
Emily Burgan Roseburg OR
Faith Wooley Roseburg OR
Ginger Coe Roseburg OR
Haydon Hoschouer Roseburg OR
Itzel Medina Valdez Roseburg OR
Jaden Warmouth Roseburg OR
Jaedyn Lewis Roseburg OR
Jeana Moyer Roseburg OR
Joseph Godawa Roseburg OR
Joshua Mansanti Roseburg OR
Josiah Vincent Roseburg OR
Justus Ryan Roseburg OR
Kayla Sewall Roseburg OR
Kayli Acosta Roseburg OR
Kodie Black Roseburg OR
Larisa Czernowski Roseburg OR
Lucas Morris Roseburg OR
Makan Sira Keita Roseburg OR
Mariah Carrion Roseburg OR
Maximilian Savage Roseburg OR
Miranda Mitchell Roseburg OR
Mylie Fox Roseburg OR
Naomi Roebuck Roseburg OR
Nicole Mueller Roseburg OR
Samantha Allen Roseburg OR
Savannah Underwood Roseburg OR
Sean Deboy Roseburg OR
Stacy Jochim Roseburg OR
Tanner Myers Roseburg OR
Thomas Ogle Roseburg OR
Tianalee Okuma Roseburg OR
Tiffany Smith Roseburg OR
Trevor Seals Roseburg OR
Trinity Kampstra Roseburg OR
Victoria Hollingshead Roseburg OR
Vitoria Marocci Roseburg OR
Whitney Lindsey Roseburg OR
Zainab Ibrahim Roseburg OR
Aaron Penninger Sutherlin OR
Bailey Holcomb Sutherlin OR
Gracelyn Denley Sutherlin OR
Hank Smith Sutherlin OR
Hope Cooper Sutherlin OR
John Miller Sutherlin OR
Kiersten Porter Sutherlin OR
Lacey Rathsack Sutherlin OR
Micheal Bochart Sutherlin OR
Pierce Gettys Sutherlin OR
Haley Bohme Wichester OR
Alexa Stefanich Winchester OR
Tia PIcknell Winchester OR
Amy Murry Winston OR
Fernando Valle Winston OR
Jaden Tyler Winston OR
Lacey James Winston OR
Shyla Passieux-Herrera Winston OR
Mya Skurk Wintson OR
Hailey Pitts Yoncalla OR
Halli Vaughn Yoncalla OR
Keon Mogensen Yoncalla OR
Blaine Pinchak Tacoma WA