UCC showcases new state-of-the-art automotive and welding education center

UCC showcases new state-of-the-art automotive and welding education center

ROSEBURG, Oregon – Students interested in pursuing automotive, welding, and apprenticeship technologies at Umpqua Community College will have access to the latest technology and educational infrastructure after a massive renovation of Lockwood Hall. This newly renovated state-of-the-art facility will be open for public viewing November 1, 2021, from 4pm – 6pm.

Originally built in 1969, Lockwood Hall has now been reconfigured to include expanded space for state-of-the-art hands-on instruction. The automotive facility now includes a redesigned space for improved shop flow and two new car lifts and has room to add an additional lift later. With the updated technology, students are able to learn how to work on hybrid vehicles.

The Welding program previously had temporary booths that provided space for 17 welding students. After the remodel there are now two welding labs, one welding lab dedicated to aluminum welding and fabrication, and the other for steel. Welding now has 29 welding booths in these two new areas. Additionally, the program is now able to show case its Miller LiveArc Machine. This machine helps to train welding students with immediate feedback and reduce material consumption. The welding program also gets to show off welding cameras that can help instructors demonstrate skills and techniques. These cameras give welding students a closer look at welds in real-time.

Previously, Lockwood Hall had no formal entrance. Students used to enter Lockwood through the men’s locker room or a hallway with the staff copy machine. Walls were removed and reconfigured which lead to additional space and a more formal entry for students. After the remodel, Lockwood now includes a modern lobby with display cases and double glass entry doors.

This has been a complete overhaul of Lockwood Hall’s facility and it not only includes latest tools and technology, but also compliments our top-notch instruction. It is our hope that the new building will recruit more students to learn these high-demand trades, said Ian Fisher, Welding Instructor Coordinator, and CWI. We’ve already seen a 50 percent increase in student retention for this fall and an increase in women enrolling in the programs as well.

Brandi Loop is enrolled in the automotive program and said she appreciates the vast resources available to her and her fellow students. I am pleased with the additional learning opportunities provided by the improved facility, she said.

Isaiah Denley-Arensmeier is also enrolled this fall and said, It’s the most advanced place that I’ve ever done automotive work in. It’s great to be in a nice shop and makes learning much easier in a garage like this.

The apprenticeship program now has a new machining and hydraulics lab and was brought back on-site. Previously, this program was housed in a separate leased building with a monthly fee attached. By relocating UCC’s finance department and mail room this remodel has brought Apprenticeship students back to the UCC main campus for classes. A brand new machine shop with mills, lathes, classroom space is available to serve Millwright Apprentices.

This new facility will provide UCC students with relevant, and up-to-date industry training for many local employment opportunities. Several welding graduates have gone on to work in lead positions at local manufacturers such as Performance Fab, North River Boats, Con-Vey Keystone and Roseburg Forest Products.

The project was made possible by generous donations from Con-Vey Keystone and Perry Murray. In the end, an anonymous donor provided an additional funding to enable the project through to completion.

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