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Registered Nursing

Registered Nursing

Associate of Applied Science Degree

UCC’s Registered Nursing program will equip you to aid clients, individuals, families, and communities in promoting health, recovery from acute illness, or management of a chronic illness. Get on the path to train to be an LPN or RN and continue on to pursue your bachelor’s degree through the OHSU partnership.

Nursing offers the satisfaction of making an immediate difference in other people’s lives. It is a dynamic, evidenced-based discipline which treats actual or potential health problems. Nursing is a rigorous, intellectual discipline requiring people with critical-thinking and decision-making skills. A successful candidate for the nursing profession should have a genuine desire to help people, a strong commitment to career development, be committed to adult learning, the ability to use evidenced-based information, act with integrity in an ethical manner, and be a team player.

Why choose this program?

  • OSBN-approved program
  • Clinical training in a cutting-edge facility
  • Over 85% NCLEX first-time exam pass rate
  • Seamless transfer to our partner school OHSU RN-BSN program
  • Over 90% of RN graduates have a job within 6-9 months
  • Prepare to take the PN-NCLEX to become a licensed LPN after your 1st year in the RN program

More Program Information

Program description, outcomes and requirements are located in the Course Catalog.

Money for College

Between scholarships, grants, work study, and loans, students like you can qualify for thousands of dollars to help them reach their education goals.

OHSU Connection

Students should understand that although co-admitted to the Oregon Health Sciences University School of Nursing, those who choose to transition from the UCC Nursing Program to OHSU will have to undergo a background history check for OHSU at the time of transition, which may affect the ability to enroll at OHSU.

Oregon Consortium for Nursing Education

UCC is a member of the Oregon Consortium for Nursing Education (OCNE) and offers a competency-based curriculum jointly developed by nursing faculties from the nine community colleges and Oregon Health and Science University (OHSU) consortium partners. The core competencies address the need for nurses to be skilled in clinical judgment and critical thinking; evidence-based practice; relationship-centered care; interdisciplinary collaboration; assisting individuals and families in self-care practices for promotion of health and management of chronic and acute illness; end of-life care; and teaching, delegation, leadership and supervision of caregivers. The first five terms after admission to the UCC Nursing program are identical for the associate and bachelor’s degree courses. Term six offers students the ability to complete the AAS degree at UCC and provides the educational eligibility for NCLEX-RN licensure testing. Students who complete the AAS degree at UCC and pass the NCLEX-RN exam also have the option to complete the upper division nursing courses for the bachelor’s degree from OHSU (the OHSU bachelor’s requirement of statistics may be completed at UCC but 15 credits of upper division non-nursing courses must be completed through other colleges or universities).


Executive Director of Nursing & Allied Health

Chelsea Gillespie-Towne, MSN, RN

“UCC has helped me throughout my journey. The nursing program is really awesome — this is amazing.” – Analyn McCoy, UCC Nursing student