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Find Your Path

Find Your Path

What path will you take?

Choose from a variety of pathways that will help you focus on the skills you need to succeed. UCC offers degrees, certificates and specialized short-term programs that you can complete in as few as 6 weeks or 6 months.

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  • Arts / Humanities
  • Business
  • Computer Science / Technology
  • Forestry / Natural Resources
  • Health Sciences / Emergency Services
  • Human Services / Criminal Justice / Paralegal
  • Industrial Trades / Transportation / Apprenticeship
  • Science / Engineering
  • Social Science / Education


The UCC Accounting Certificate will develop your skills to flourish in a high demand and well-paying accounting position.
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Apprenticeship at Umpqua Community College


Apprenticeship is a proven workforce development solution that is helping industries recruit and develop well-trained workers in highly-skilled occupations.
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Automotive at Umpqua Community College

Automotive Service Technology

Our automotive program will equip you with critical knowledge of automotive technology and how to diagnose, service, and repair every aspect of standard, diesel, and electric automotive vehicles.
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Biology at Umpqua Community College


The field of biological science provides you with a broad background. Get hands on experience working with lab instruments and equipment, and conduct tests and experiments.
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Solidify your skillset for a successful career in business by learning disciplines in accounting, employee management, business communications, leadership, and marketing.
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Business Industry

Create your own business degree and gain exposure to a wide variety of business classes while completing your general education. Choose from specialized areas that interest you such as Financial Services, Bookkeeping, Marketing & E-Commerce, Business Technology, Human Resources, Entrepreneurship, Leadership, Accounting, and Retail Management.
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Chemistry at Umpqua Community College


Chemistry acts as a bridge between other physical sciences, such as physics, geology, and biology. Learn about research in plants, animals, space objects or stars, synthetic materials, genetics, artificial flavorings, medicine, and inorganic materials.
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Commercial Truck Driving at Umpqua Community College

Commercial Truck Driver Training

The UCC Truck Driving Program will prepare you for employment as Class A or Class B truck drivers in just 4 weeks. Truck Drivers are in high demand, the industry needs more than 1.1 million new drivers by 2026.
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Computer Information Systems

Gain skills in programming, computer software development, and computer hardware innovation, while forming a concrete understanding of the technological infrastructures of an organization and its digital security.
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Computer Science at Umpqua Community College

Computer Science

Pursue UCC’s Computer Science degree and gain skills in computer programming and computer logic, necessary for transfer, career success, and lifelong learning.
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Criminal Justice at Umpqua Community College

Criminal Justice

UCC’s completely online Criminal Justice Program will provide you with a learning experience necessary for a successful career in criminal justice and a firm understanding of the workings of law.
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Cybersecurity at Umpqua Community College


The Computer Information Systems: Cybersecurity program will prepare you for a job in to succeed in one of the fastest-growing industries.
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Dental Assisting at Umpqua Community College

Dental Assisting

Prepare for employment in a dental office or lab by learning the current concepts of clinical chairside assisting.
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EMS at Umpqua Community College

Emergency Medical Services

Earn your paramedicine degree for entry-level paramedic positions at ambulance companies, fire departments, hospitals, and clinics, by learning to operate under fast-paced situations and provide treatment in numerous medical emergencies.
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Mechatronics at Umpqua Community College


The field of Engineering offers many opportunities: Architectural Engineering, Electrical and Computer Engineering, Civil Engineering, Construction Engineering Management, Environmental Engineering, Mechanical, Industrial and Manufacturing, and Chemical Engineering, as well as Biomedical, Forest, Geological, Mining, Metallurgical, and Nuclear Engineering.
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English Literature at Umpqua Community College

English Literature

As an English student at UCC, you’ll develop valuable critical thinking and communication skills through reading, discussing, researching, and writing about literature.
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Exercise Science

Get started in a healthcare career that prepare you for opportunities in exercise science, sports medicine, nutrition, sports psychology, wellness & fitness management, and many others.
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Fire Science at Umpqua Community College

Fire Science

Prepare to become a Firefighter and or a Paramedic. Through hands-on experience and career connections with local fire departments, you will learn the specialized demands of this highly diversified and technological career.
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Forestry at Umpqua Community College


Our forestry program provides you with an education in fundamental forestry knowledge, applied field-based skills, and professional and ethical behavior to be successful professionals assisting in the management of forested ecosystems that promote environmental, social, and economic values of forests.
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Geology at Umpqua Community College


Earn your Geology for entry-level positions as a geologist working in engineering firms, government agencies, teaching, and geologic survey companies.
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Medical Business at Umpqua Community College

Healthcare Administration

Start your career in the medical industry in business support services. Work as an office assistant in office reception, communication, documentation, accounting, or managing documents.
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Human Services at Umpqua Community College

Human Services

Explore the field of Human Services and learn to identify aspects of individual, family and social behaviors and the steps involved in resolving problems through social services systems.
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Mechatronics is a type of engineering field that refers to the skill sets needed in a modern, advanced, and automated manufacturing industry. At the intersection of mechanics, electronics, and computing, mechatronics specialists create simpler and smarter processes.
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Medical Assistant

This one-year program is designed to prepare you for an entry-level position in a career that performs medical office functions such as scheduling, office reception, medical documentation, managing patient records, assisting in clinical procedures and examination of patients, performing clinical laboratory procedures, and compliance to all quality and regulatory compliance.
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Music at Umpqua Community College


UCC’s Music Studies program will prepare you to transfer to several 4-year universities and equip you with comprehensive knowledge of music theory, history, technology, and performance.
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Natural Resources at Umpqua Community College

Natural Resources

As a student in our Natural Resources program, you have the option to pursue several career avenues including, Fish and Wildlife Conservation, Forest Ecosystems, and Conservation Law Enforcement.
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Nursing at Umpqua Community College


UCC’s Nursing program enables students to make an immediate difference in other people’s lives. Develop critical decision-making skills and foundation to learn how to treat chronic and acute health problems.
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Occupational Therapy at Umpqua Community College

Occupational Therapy Assistant

UCC has partnered with Linn-Benton Community College (LBCC) to offer a degree program for Occupational Therapy Assistant Associate of Applied Science.
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Paralgeal at Umpqua Community College


Learn legal concepts and gain the communication skills necessary to be successfully employed in the legal community as a paralegal or legal assistant. Gain practical experience by working in the legal field as part of the completion of the paralegal degree program.
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Phlebotomy at Umpqua Community College


UCC’s Phlebotomy program is your fast track to an exciting new career. In just 11 weeks, or certificate program will equip students with the skills necessary to become an entry-level phlebotomist.
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Police Reserve Academy at Umpqua Community College

Police Reserve Academy

Learn about public safety, survivability skills, defensive tactics, adult and juvenile law, emergency vehicle operations, crime prevention, handgun training and more with this Oregon state recognized non-credit training certificate.
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Retail Management Certificate at Umpqua Community College

Retail Management Certificate

The Retail Management Certificate (RMC) is an exciting program that will help prepare students to take on entry-level management positions in the retail industry. The program builds skills in many areas critical to the success of retail management.
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Spanish at Umpqua Community College


UCC’s Spanish transfer degree seeks to provide you with an appreciation of language through a variety of courses that will acclimate and prepare you with skills for an international career.
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Theatre at Umpqua Community College


Theatre Arts at UCC is dedicated to developing the curiosity and creativity of students. With a wide variety of classes, productions every quarter, and outreach projects that engage theatre students with the contemporary ways arts impact their surroundings.
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Visual Art at Umpqua Community College

Visual Art

Tap into your creativity with UCC’s art degree, enhancing your skills and knowledge by learning from dedicated faculty, intimate class sizes and numerous hands-on experiences.
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Water Quality Technician at Umpqua Community College

Water Quality Technician

Gain working knowledge of the operation and maintenance of water distribution systems, computerized electronic equipment in the collection, and storage of raw water.
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Welding at Umpqua Community College


The Associate of Applied Science Degree program will help you gain hands-on experience in our state-of-the-art facility to learn the principles of welding, fabrication, production, and piping.
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Viticulture & Enology at Umpqua Community College

Wine Making & Viticulture

Prepare for a job in the wine industry through the Viticulture and Enology program. Our certificates will include cellar management, tasting room management, sensory evaluation of wine, and marketing.
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