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Associate of Arts Oregon Transfer Degree

Theatre Arts at UCC is dedicated to developing the curiosity and creativity of students. With a wide variety of classes, productions every quarter, and outreach projects that engage theatre students with the contemporary ways arts impact their surroundings. The Theatre Arts program is designed to provide the skills and experience needed to fulfill transfer requirements for four-year institutions and be competitive in the professional field, all while making a cultural contribution to the community.

Why choose this program?

  • Prepare for a professional career in theater
  • Transfer to a 4-year institution
  • Program consists of a supportive cohort of fellow students and community members
  • Rehearse and perform in our over 1000-seat auditorium, indoor stage, and outdoor amphitheater
  • Gain skills in public speaking and build confidence

Career Opportunities

More Program Information

Program description, outcomes and requirements are located in the Course Catalog.

Money for College

Between scholarships, grants, work study, and loans, students like you can qualify for thousands of dollars to help them reach their education goals.