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Natural Resources

Natural Resources

Associate of Science Degree Articulated with Oregon State University

As a student in our Natural Resources program, you have the option to pursue several career avenues including, Fish and Wildlife Conservation, Forest Ecosystems, and Conservation Law Enforcement. Achieve an A.S. degree for a solid foundation for an entry-level position or be ready to transfer to a university.

Why choose this program?

  • Effortless transition to OSU’s Bachelor of Science in Natural Resources program
  • Get your bachelor’s degree from OSU on campus at UCC
  • UCC’s geographical location allows for access to agency experts and hands-on field experiences

Career Opportunities

UCC works closely with Oregon State University (OSU) so that students can dual-enroll, pursue any degree that OSU offers, reap cost savings, and benefit from access to more scholarships and services.

OSU Degree Partnership Program

Our AS degree in Natural Resources provides a foundation for OSU’s Bachelor of Science in Natural Resources. After completing our Natural Resources AS, all of the remaining classes needed to fulfill OSU’s Bachelor’s degree requirements can be taken at UCC and through OSU’s online Ecampus, making it possible to earn your BS in Natural Resources without relocating to Corvallis.

More Program Information

Program description, outcomes and requirements are located in the Course Catalog.

Money for College

Between scholarships, grants, work study, and loans, students like you can qualify for thousands of dollars to help them reach their education goals.