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Success Stories

“One of my favorite things about the Mechatronics program at UCC is that it feels like a jack of all trades,” said Conner Semrau, an upcoming graduate of the program.
Conner Semrau
“UCC is great because they have extremely small classes led by very passionate instructors. And there are students who all work together with a common goal.”
Local Parole and Probation Officer Melanie McManus grew up in Green, OR. High school was coming to an end, and she wasn’t sure what she wanted to study. “UCC was the gateway to all of it. That’s where I discovered what I want to do.”
Melanie McManus
“Imagine looking at a view and seeing all the places where you have worked over the years. There are not many fields where you can do that,” said Isaac Cherry, Lone Rock Resources forestry management intern, and upcoming UCC graduate.
Branching out: Navigating a Career Pathway through the Trees
“We met on moving day,” Leilani said with a smile.” Although we didn’t hit it off right away, that quickly changed as we began taking classes and going on road trips together with the wrestling team.” The girls burst into laughter.
First-gen college students “wrestle” with trials and attain their dreams
“Receiving the UCC OPIRC award will allow me to pursue polymer science before I segway into the medical field…”
UO Biochemistry Transfer Awarded OPIRC Scholarship