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Advancing a Career in Roseburg through Mastering Mechatronics

Conner Semrau

“One of my favorite things about the Mechatronics program at UCC is that it feels like a jack of all trades,” said Conner Semrau, an upcoming graduate of the program. “We have covered things such as mechanical drives, electrical diagrams, PLC programming, pneumatics and hydraulics, preventative maintenance, welding, and a whole lot of safety. It is incredible to me how much I have been able to learn over these three terms.”

Conner, who is studying to achieve his mechatronics certificate this June, is looking forward to using his newly learned skills in his dream job at 7Robotics, where he is currently working part-time. “I enjoy the people that I work with and what they do.”

James Mortesen, instructor works with Conner Semrau on a PLC (Programmable Logic Controller)

Conner grew up in Roseburg and graduated from Roseburg High School: “It was a big shift in my life as I was starting to focus on more of what I wanted to do rather than the general studies to help me get any job.”

While he planned on attending UCC, Mechatronics was not his initial major. At a UCC Career Signing Day, he learned that there was an upcoming Mechatronics program that would align perfectly with the recent internship he just started at 7Robotics. “The UCC staff genuinely care for the students and only want them to succeed in what they are doing. I am thankful to have a dedicated advisor with whom I can ask questions about my career,” he said.

Conner has progressed from an intern at 7Robotics to an assistant to the manufacturing engineer. “7Robotics is a robot integrator. This job can range from assembling jigs or tooling, to helping him assemble electrical diagrams and pneumatic systems that help the robot run. The mechatronics program has helped me learn how electricity flows through these diagrams, and I am currently learning how pneumatic systems work. This program has even helped me learn simple things like how to properly torque down a fastener and why fasteners work the way they do. I have started to see some of my studies connect to my current job, which is an awesome experience,” he said.

The students in the Mechatronics program are also finding synergies with other programs on campus, such as the UCC Wine Making and Viticulture program. Mechatronics students have been working on adjusting the de-stemmer, which separates stems from grapes, to improve efficiencies for viticulture students at the Danny Lang Center on campus.

“We are always helping each other out and having a good time — like one big family. We have more hands-on experience rather than just a lecture class.”

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