The Art Gallery at UCC

The UCC Art Gallery is located in the Whipple Fine Arts Center. The 1,100 square foot space features six exhibits during the academic year. There is also the mezzanine gallery on the second floor of Whipple that features student art work on a continuous basis. Both galleries feature exhibits in a variety of media, including ceramics, drawing, painting, photography, printmaking and sculpture. The major purpose and function of the Art Gallery is to exhibit quality works of art for the education and cultural benefit of the students of UCC and the citizens of Douglas County.


01/06 - 02/06
Hand-quilted portraits by Carol Harper

Carol Harper - Quilt Exhibit

My work has a strong social justice component to it as I create images of people or groups who have been marginalized, discriminated against, or abused. My current works depict specific Philadelphians; someone living in an area homeless shelter or on the streets. The works provide faces to those who are faceless, nameless and powerless, and bear witness to those who are suffering. The current works are primarily hand sewn, large quilts, often with hand dyed fabric.(I do also create hand embroidered batiks, paintings and drawings). The quilts provide very large, graphic images that call attention to those forgotten by society. They are visible markers that shout out: ‘Look at me! See me!’ My endeavor is to seek expressive moments fortuitously snatched; and to record the state of this community and inspire change by bearing witness. My work contains these two intertwined threads - one poetic, one political - of portraits made in the public realm. But my practice is not only about documenting - it is also about making connections with people, and I have formed deep personal relationships with my subjects.

02/10 - 03/19
Conceptual landscape paintings by Robert Mullenix

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Alex Crabaugh with Caroline Hopkins

Spotlight on Student Success : Alex Crabaugh

UCC graduate pursues dreams of Art at Portland State University.
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Art Factoid

Did you know that UCC features the largest public art collection in Douglas County? The College's Permanent Art Collection is an important part of the Art Gallery mission. Over 70 artworks are on display in public spaces across campus. Collected artists are regionally and internationally renowned, and offer varied perspectives of contemporary art practices in the Pacific Northwest.

The Gallery program includes purchases of art that are contained in a Permanent Art Collection throughout the campus, both indoors and out.

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Free and open to the public.

The Art Gallery at UCC
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