Many classes offer a waitlist, which is a first come first served line to get into a full class in the event that a student drops their seat in the class. If a spot in the class becomes available a student will receive an email notification that a seat is open with steps on what to do. It is important to know a class may show an open seat, but the available seats are reserved for students on the waitlist.

Prerequisites and other enforced registration restrictions must be met to be put on a class waitlist. Students can waitlist multiple sections of the same course as well as sections that would result in a time conflict with another class on their schedule.  If a student becomes eligible to register in a waitlisted class that is a duplicate of another section or would result in a time conflict, the student must adjust their schedule to remove duplicate sections and/or time conflicts.

How to Guide for Waitlisting

  1. Log into Student Self Service
  4. Choose the term from the Select Term drop down menu.
  5. Enter in SUBJECT and/or COURSE NUMBER.
  6. Click ADD on the right side of the page to add a class to your schedule or change to the CRN tab to enter in the CRN.
  7. Select SUBMIT CHANGES. A message will pop up if class is full.
  8. Choose WAIT LIST from the drop down menu for the class.
  10. Once on the waitlist, check your student email regularly for notification of an available seat. The email will have a registration deadline. You must register before the deadline, or you will be dropped from the waitlist and the seat will be offered to the next student on the waitlist. If you receive notifications of an available seat, you may forward that email to registration or you can go into your schedule on self-service and switch it from waitlisted to registered and click submit to save the changes.


If a class is full, a student can request to be placed on a waitlist to enroll in the class if a seat becomes available.

When a student attempts to register for a full class they will be given the option to be added to the waitlist. When a seat opens in the course, a notification email will be sent to the student’s [email protected] email address. That student will have an allotted amount of time to register for the class, as noted in the email. If the student does not register within the allotted time, they will be dropped from the waitlist and the next student on the list will be notified.

Classes they are currently wait-listing will display on their class schedule with a status of Waiting.

No, there is no guarantee that a seat will open up in the class.

Yes, if it is a class that the student wants or needs to take, we encourage students to add themselves to the waitlist. We use the waitlist to determine if an additional section should be added for that term and for future semester planning.

Click on the course section number to look at the course detail. The waitlist total is listed under the Class Availability section.

Restrictions work the same as regular registration. Students must meet all of the course prerequisites, co-requisites and restrictions in order to waitlist or register for class.

Yes. A student can waitlist a class in a future semester if they are currently enrolled in the prerequisite. However, if the student is enrolled from the waitlist and they do not pass the prerequisite with a satisfactory grade, the department can request to drop the student from the class.

No, because in order to be fair to all students interested in a course, registration from the waitlist is processed on a first-come first-served basis.

No. Once a waitlist has been established for a class, only students on the waitlist will be able to add the course.

Yes, Priority Registration occurs at the beginning of the registration period and is based on credit level. However, after the initial priority, all other registration is on first-come first-served basis. It is highly recommended that students register for all of their classes on the first day of their assigned registration window.

From the student self-service click on the enroll link then select the drop tab. Choose the appropriate term, select the class to be removed, and click the finish dropping button. Verify that the class was removed by reviewing the class schedule.

It is important for the student to remove themselves from the waitlist as soon as the student knows it is not needed or decides not to enroll in that class. This will allow the next student the earliest opportunity to fill that seat or move up in line. It is a courtesy that we all can appreciate.

Registration & Records Department

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