Financial Aid Dollars
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Cost of Attendance

students-fall-campusEstimated Cost for 2017-18

Attending college at UCC is affordable. Especially, if you compare our costs to a university. Below, you can see what you could expect to pay for living and education expenses while attending Umpqua Community College. It's good to have an idea of the costs before beginning, right?

Are you from Washington, Idaho, Nevada, or California. You can attend UCC at Oregon resident price!

Multiply the total below by the number of terms that you will attend this year.

Single student living with a parent, relative, or friend (one term).

Tuition & Fees $1563
Room & Board $825
Book & Supplies $600
Transportation $500
Misc. Personal Expenses $400
Total $3888

Single student living in an apartment or a house (one term).

Tuition & Fees $1563
Room & Board $2710
Book & Supplies $600
Transportation $500
Misc. Personal Expenses $400
Total $5773

Other things to think of

Dependent care allowance $1870 per child per term 

Tuition per credit hour *

Plus these fees:

     Technology Fee

     SUCCESS Fee

     Student Activity Fee

     Legacy Fee

Total Per Credit








Average additional fees per term * $100.50

* If you take more than 13 credits, your tuition will be higher. If you take all online classes, your fees will be higher.

Money for College

Get access to millions of dollars that are available to students - not just loans. There are scholarships, grants and work study opportunities too! Every student can use money for college. It can help you to be successful. Plus, it can lower your debt load when you finish college. Some students actually leave college debt-free! Here are some important sources of money for college. Don't let these opportunities for financial aid pass you by. Act now! Decide. Commit. Succeed.

  • Scholarships and FAFSA (Sources of free money for college. Application times. FAFSA.)
  • UCC Scholars (Tuition waiver for high school seniors with high GPAs.)
  • Work Study (Work on Campus. Get experience in the workforce.)
  • Financial Advice (Tips on managing your money wisely and staying out of debt.) 

Additional Resources

Not all the help you may receive to go to college involves loans and grants. There are some other less-known programs that are just as useful: