Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Resources

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Campus Resources

Our IDEAL (Inclusion, Diversity, and Equity Action Leadership) Committee leads and supports the design, implementation, and evaluation of strategies that promote understanding and respect of diverse peoples, create a more inclusive learning and working environment, and provide equitable opportunities for success. IDEAL is a committee of the Office of the President.  

This resource page is designed to promote learning for anyone interested in gaining more understanding about Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion.

Land Acknowledgement:

Umpqua Community College acknowledges and honors the Cow Creek Band of the Umpqua Tribe of Indians and the Confederated Tribes of Grand Ronde, on whose traditional lands the college is now located.  We recognize and pay tribute to these homelands, to the legacy that these tribes have endured in this region, and to the tribal members who still reside in and contribute to the local community.  We encourage all to consider our collective responsibility to and solidarity with Native, Indigenous, and First Nations people, and their sovereignty, cultural heritage, and lives.

Bias / Microaggression

Title Description Presenter/Author Type Program Length
Biased: Uncovering the Hidden Prejudice that Shaped What We See, Think, and Do Academic Research Jennifer L. Eberhardt, PhD Book 368 pages
Eliminating Microaggressions, the next level of inclusion How to eliminate microaggressions Tiffany Alvoid Video 9 minutes
What we can save by breaking unconscious bias Benefits of breaking bias Anuraq Gupta Video 7 minutes
Racial Microaggression Discussion Dr. Derald Wing Sue Video 8 minutes
Microaggression in the Classroom Teacher-Student Yolanda Flores Niemann, PhD Video 18 minutes
Implicit Bias Test for Implicit Bias Harvard University OnLine Varied
Implicit Bias Slide Deck w/ Links Erin Ritchie, UCC CARE Advocate PowerPoint 6 Slides
Cultural Humility Discussion – TED Juliana Mosley Video 17 minutes
How Microaggressions are like Mosquito bites Perspective Same/Difference, Fusion Comedy Video 2 minutes
Bias Incident Reporting System – BIRS SUNY Brockport Process Described SUNY Brockport  Text 5 pages
We Were So Happy: Microaggressions and Where They Happen Multi-Episode Podcast Discussion Stitcher.com Podcast Varied
Who, Me Biased? Perspectives on Implicit Bias  www.nytimes.com  Video 15 minutes

Diversity & Equity

Title Description Presenter/Author Type Program Length
School Grading Policies are Failing our Children, A Call to Action for Equitable Grading Report: Equitable Grading Project Joe Feldman Text Doc  16 pages
Grading for Equity: Partnering w/ Schools, Districts, and Universities Report: Equitable Grading Project Joe Feldman Fact Sheet 1 page
Grading for Equity: Presentations & Workshops Report: Equitable Grading Project Joe Feldman Fact Sheet 1 page
Labor-Based Grading Contracts: Building Equity & Inclusion in the Compassionate Writing Classroom, 2019 Book – ISBN: 978-1-64215-021-6 Asao B. Inoue Book 358 pages
Shared Equity Leadership, Making Equity Everyone’s Work Report American Council on Education Text Doc  51 pages
Race, Class, and Student Voices Panel Discussion The Chronicle of Higher Education Video 1 hour
Generational Poverty Explored Discussion Donna Beegle Video 30 mins
Marginalization of the Poor Description U of Bonn, Germany Fact Sheet 1 page
Why We Need to Stop Talking about Diversity of Thought Description-Discussion Rebekah Bastian, Forbes Article 2 pages
Our Commitment to Antiracism & Equity Statement Northwest Regional Education Service District Article 4 pages
Instrumental and Moral Rationales for Diversity Study Jordan G. Starck, Stacey Sinclair, J. Nicole Shelton, Princeton University Article 6 pages
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IGBH-vjiqLs Discussion Bilalia H. Mubashshir & Darin Matthews – NegoMetrix Webinar 1 hour
Diversifying Faculty at Rural Colleges Template National Center for Enquiry& Improvement, NCII text 2 pages
Oregon Declares Indigenous Peoples’ Day News  OPB  Article 1 page
Should I use the adjective diverse? Article https://radicalcopyeditor.com/ Poster/Article 2 pages
Of 2 Minds: How Fast and Slow Thinking Shape Perception and Choice

Inclusive Language Guide

Book Excerpt


Daniel Kahnemann, Scientific American

Northwestern University



6 pages



Gender/Sexual Orientation

Title Description Presenter/Author Type Program Length
Why I’m Done Trying to be “Man Enough” Toxic Masculinity Justin Baldoni Video 19 minutes
The GenderBread Person Website Various Online Varies
Personal Pronouns: What/Why, How, Mistakes, Sharing, Asking, Language Personal Pronouns Shige Sakurai text 12 pages



Title Description Presenter/Author Type Program Length
Why We Must Confront the Painful Parts of US History  Race History Hasan Kwame Jeffries Video  13 minutes
Native American vs American Indian Discussion www.nativetimes.com text 2 pages
American Indian Terminology Discussion  americanindian.si.edu text Multiple Pages
Native American – American Indian – Culture Discussion National Museum of the American Indian text Multiple Pages
Juneteenth – Oregon Holiday Article OPB News – Oregon Senate Announcement text 3 pages
Ex-Slaves talk about Slavery in the US 1st Hand Accounts ABC News – YouTube Video 10 minutes
World Map of Historically Indigenous Lands Map Native Land Digital Map 1 page
Chanukah/Hanukkah, Nov 28 – Dec 6 Article & Video usatoday.com Video 2 minutes
Bodhi Day, Dec 8 Article tricycle.org text 1 page
Las Posadas, Dec 16 – 24 Article franciscanmedia.org text 1 page
Jólabókaflóðið, Dec 24, The Christmas Cat, Iceland Article grapevine.is  text 1 page
Christmas, Dec 25/Jan 7 Article  history.com text 1 page
Kwanzaa, Dec 26 – Jan 1 Article  nmaahc.si.edu text 2 pages
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fo2RVOunsZ8&t=88s Video Narrative Why Aren’t there more Black People in Oregon – Walidah Imarisha  Video  20 minutes


Title Description Presenter/Author Type Program Length
3 Ways To Be a Better Ally in the Workplace LGBTQ+ Ally Melinder Epler Video 10 minutes
Intersectionality: Mapping the Movements of a Theory Du Bois Review, 2013 Devon W. Carbado, Kimberle Crenshaw, Vickie M. Mays, Barbara Tomlinson Article 10 pages
The Urgency of Intersectionality Discussion Kimberle Crenshaw Video 19 minutes
The Danger of a Single Story Discussion Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie Video 18 minutes
Intersectionality 101 Discussion Susan Rochester PP 21 slides
Intersectionality Toolkit Tool Kit Canadian Research Institute for the Advancement of Women Text 20 pages

Invisibility – Disabilities

Title Description Presenter/Author Type Program Length
Let’s End Ageism Discussion Ashton Applewhite Video 11 minutes
How Autism Feed Me to be Myself Discussion Rosie King Video 6 minutes
The Perks of Being a Pirate Overcoming Adversity Tom Nash Video 9 minutes
Is Dyslexia a Learning Disability or a Learning Ability Overcoming Adversity or a diagnosis Gabi Renola Video 3 minutes
I Have One More Chromosome Than You.  So What? Speaker w/ Down Syndrome Karen Gaffney Video 14 minutes
Prejudice & Discrimination: Crash Course Psychology #39 Discussion Hank Green Video 10 minutes


Title Description Presenter/Author Type Program Length
HB2864 – Cultural Competency at Post Secondary Institutions Why HB2864 & What needs to be done in Oregon  Elizabeth Cox Brand, OCCA PowerPoint 14 slides
HECC HB2864 Digital Summit – 10/15/2020 Day Long Forum Dr. Sam Museus Recording 6 hours


Title Description Presenter/Author Type Program Length
The Race of Life (white privilege) Demonstration GMSThisVialKingdom 3 Video 4 minutes
Unpacking Privilege & Power Privilege Maggie Potapchuk, MP Associates  Text 3 pages

Racism – Antiracism

Title Description Presenter/Author Type Program Length
Baldwin vs. Buckley Classice debate: James Baldwin – William F. Buckley, 1965 James Baldwin & William F. Buckley Video 60 minutes
Code Switch – Race in Your Face Various Discussions Many Podcast Varied
Critical Race Theory Toolkit Portland Community College Website Office of Equity and Inclusion Article Pdf’s & PP slides
How to Deconstruct Racism one Headline at a Time Discussion Baratunde Thurston Video 17 minutes
What it takes to be Racially Literate Discussion, what you need to know Priya Vulchi & Winona Guo Video 12 minutes
How to Resolve Racially Stressful Situations Discussion: Looking beyond the issue Howard Stevenson Video 17 minutes
Color Blind or Color Brave Discussion Mellody Hobson Video 14 minutes
From Prisoner to President in One Generation PCC President and Mom discuss Japanese Internment experience Dr. Mark Mitsui Video 21 minutes
Dismantling Racism Workshop dismantlingracism.org PowerPoint 63 slides
Racelighting: Three Common Strategies Racelighters Use Article/Discussion  Dr. Frank Harris, Dr. J. Luke Wood Text 3 pages
Anti-Racism Policy Statement/Resolution Sinclair College Board of Trustees Text 2 pages
Commitment to Antiracism and Equity Statement/Resolution Northwest Regional Education Service District text 6 pages
How to be Black Satire Thurston Baratunde, The Onion Book 272 pages
Why Are All the Black Kids Sitting Together in the Cafeteria? And Other Conversations about Race Discussion Beverly Daniel Tatum Book 464 pages
Black for a Day, White Fantasies of Race and Empathy Discussion Alisha Gaines Book 231 pages
Neo-Passing: Performing Identity after Jim Crow Discussion Mollie Godfrey, Vershawn Young Book 449 pages
Anti-Oppression & Intersectional Marginalization – Student Centered Panel Discussion NASPA Video 85 minutes
Establishing an Anti-Racism Statement Statement  Sinclair Community College  text  2 pages

Tool Kits

Title Description Presenter/Author Type Program Length
Oregon Library Association, Equity, Diversity, Inclusion & AntiRacism Tool Kit In-depth View – Library & Museum Perspective Multiple PowerPoint 30 slides
Equity Toolkit: Inclusive Teaching & Learning. Ongoing Self-Enquiry (1/8) A Little More Every Day.  How you can eliminate Bias in your classroom.  Colorado Dept of Higher Ed (CDHE) Text 6 pages
Equity Toolkit: Inclusive Teaching & Learning. Ongoing Self-Enquiry (2/8) Diversity Issues for the Instructor: Identifying Your Own Attitudes  Colorado Dept of Higher Ed (CDHE) Text 3 pages
Equity Toolkit: Inclusive Teaching & Learning. Ongoing Self-Enquiry (3/8) Examining Identity  Colorado Dept of Higher Ed (CDHE) Text 4 pages
Equity Toolkit: Inclusive Teaching & Learning. Ongoing Self-Enquiry (4/8) Get to Know Your Prompts  Colorado Dept of Higher Ed (CDHE) Text 3 pages
Equity Toolkit: Inclusive Teaching & Learning. Ongoing Self-Enquiry (5/8) Building Diversity Competency  Colorado Dept of Higher Ed (CDHE) Text 6 pages
Equity Toolkit: Inclusive Teaching & Learning. Ongoing Self-Enquiry (6/8) So You Call Yourself an Ally  Colorado Dept of Higher Ed (CDHE) Text 4 pages
Equity Toolkit: Inclusive Teaching & Learning. Ongoing Self-Enquiry (7/8) The Cycle of Socialization, Bobbie Harro  Colorado Dept of Higher Ed (CDHE) Text 9 pages
Equity Toolkit: Inclusive Teaching & Learning. Ongoing Self-Enquiry (8/8) The Danger of a Single Story  Colorado Dept of Higher Ed (CDHE) Text 2 pages
Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Spectrum Tool Assessment Meyer Memorial Trust Text 4 pages
Understanding Meyer’s DEI Spectrum Tool Instructions, Perspective Jill Fuglister, MMT Text 3 pages
Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Self Assessment Self-Assessment National Association of Colleges & Employers Text 4 pages
Advancing the Mission: Tools for Equity, Diversity, & Inclusion Book Excerpt Annie E. Casey Foundation, 2009 Text 90 pages
Unpacking Privilege & Power Privilege Maggie Potapchuk, MP Associates Text 3 pages
Intersectionality Tool Kit Tool Kit Canadian Research Institute for the Advancement of Women Text 20 pages


URL Name Description
https://www.npr.org/sections/codeswitch/ NPR – National Public Radio Podcast Race, Anti-Racism
https://www.stitcher.com/show/we-were-so-happy-microaggressions-and-where-they-happen  Stitcher.com Multi-Episode on Bias & Microagression
https://www.theatlantic.com/podcasts/floodlines/  Floodlines – The Atlantic Inequality in Katrina’s aftermath
https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/asian-enough/id1501446978 Asian Enough?  Discussion


URL Name Description
https://www.westernstatescenter.org/ Western States Center Social Justice, General
https://diverseeducation.com/ Diverse Issues in Higher Education All things DEI
https://www.speakoutnow.org/ Speak Out Speakers & Topics
https://www.nwresd.org/ Northwest Regional Education Service District Equity Committment, Mission, Vision & Values Statements
https://www.tfff.org/select-books Ford Family Foundation Select Books Free Books on many topics.  Read & Review, and eligible to receive another.
https://www.racialequitytools.org/about Racial Equity Tools Tools, research, tips, & curricula to achieve racial equity
https://www.splcenter.org/ Southern Poverty Law Center Resources for fighting hate, teaching tolerance, and advancing equity
https://www.mypronouns.org/ Author: Shige Sakurai Discussion on Pronoun use and some history
https://www.elevateoregon.org/ Elevate Oregon Focus on At-Risk Youth
https://www.rebuildwomenfirst.org/ Rebuilding Women First Women and Transitional Housing
https://www.theblueprintfoundation.org/ The Blue Print Foundation Workforce Development for Black Youth in Portland OR
https://blacksouthernoregonalliance.com/ Black Southern Oregon Alliance Black Southern Oregon Student Success
https://www.constructinghope.org/ Constructing Hope Workforce Training – Pre-Apprenticeship Program
https://www.facebook.com/beyondblackcdc/ Beyond Black Resource Education
https://www.facebook.com/CDCTEC/ The Ebony Collective Fostering Black Community in Portland Oregon
https://beamvillage.org/ BEAM = Black Educational Achievement Movement Black Student Focus, Empowering Black Youth
https://baseoregon.org/?fbclid=IwAR0xiDmP5PDlYJ3MkP5bsf5x1Ge5qhcQEpBeyJomv98eXMtSExjrX2m19K8 BASE Southern Oregon Black Community in Southern Oregon
 https://douglas.or.networkofcare.org/ph/content.aspx?cid=10604 Thrive Umpqua  Social justice and wellbeing
https://addictions.com/bipoc/ Addictions BIPOC Addiction and Mental Health Resources
https://best-universities.net/features/history-affirmitave-action-higher-education/ Best Colleges & Universities Social justice and wellbeing
https://www.perlego.com/knowledge/study-guides/what-is-judith-butlers-theory-of-gender-performativity/ Perlego Gender Performance Theory