UCC Housing Rates


  • $300 Non-Refundable Deposit
  • Payments of deposit must be paid prior to move-in date.

Hawk’s Landing

  • Single Rate: $480/Month = $1440/Term
  • Double Rate: $380/Month = $1095/Term
  • Triple+ Rate: $265/Month = $795/Term

Hawk’s Nest

  • Single Rate (these beds are in an open space): $480/Month = $1440/Term
  • Single Rate in Separate Room: $495/Month = $1485/Term (Based on availability)
  • Double Rate: $365/Month = $1095/Term

Jackson Street Apartments

  • Single Rate: $480/Month = $1440/Term

Kohlhagen Apartments

  • Single Rate: $1015/Month = $3045/Term
  • Double Rate: $515/Month = $1545/Term
  • Triple Rate: $415/Month = $1245/Term
  • Quad Rate: $315/Month =$945/Term

Main Street Apartments

  • Double Rate: $515/Month = $1545/Term

Rifle Range House

  • Rate: $480/Month = $1440/Term
  • Double Rate: $365/Month = $1095/Term

How to make payments on your Student Account

There are two ways to pay – (1) Contact Student Accounts at 541-440-7660 or their office is located in the LaVerne Murphy Student Center or (2)  Set up a NELNET contract, which is a payment option for those paying out-of-pocket.  If you do not have other aid sources lined up by the first day of the term, you may also be required to set up a NELNET contract to hold your classes.  This allows time to set up your other payment sources.  The contract may be canceled once other aid becomes available.

Using Financial Aid/Scholarships/Grants to pay for Housing

Financial Aid/Grants can be applied toward housing charges if you have funds remaining after tuition and fee charges have been covered. Scholarships can only be used to cover housing charges if the scholarship specifically designates those charges can be covered.