Jason Dale Johnson
We Will Always Remember

Jason Johnson was a fighter. He had battled his way through an addiction that takes many people down for the count, yet he had survived and was winning his way through to a better future. One of his closest friends said Jason was the kind of man that was always right there for support.

Jason was born in Hawaii and grew up in Santa Maria, California. One of the funniest memories his family has of Jason was a mischievous encounter Jason had with a local nun. The nun had told him and his friends they needed to leave an area where they were playing and Jason, being a pre‐teen, thought it would be funny to moon the nun. Lo and behold, a police officer was called, apprehended Jason and had the nun ‘identify his butt cheeks’ his brother recalls.

Jason had an easy sense of humor and loved spending time with those closest to him like his young nephew Liam. He had dreams of becoming an EMT and reaching the community through serving, and fighting for, those most vulnerable.