Lawrence Levine
We Will Always Remember

Lawrence Levine would call himself a writer, first and foremost. He had a passion for writing and had written novels in his spare time. As a profession, he worked as a well-respected English professor at UCC. He seemed to fit the part of a professor very well too; with a gray beard and sometimes smoking a pipe.

A close second to his love of writing and teaching would be his tremendous affinity for fishing on the North Umpqua River. The river is a fly fisher’s and nature lover’s dream and Larry could spend hours on the bank of the North Umpqua reveling in its beauty while casting his line. He had a reputation amongst friends of disappearing into the forest for a time during the fall season only to turn up at their homes with bags of wild mushrooms.

Naturally jovial, creative and gentle, Larry once remarked in an essay to Fly Fisherman magazine on a day he had spent on the river, “Standing in the sun overlooking the river, I think there has never been a more delicious moment.”