Sarena Dawn Moore
We Will Always Remember

Sarena Dawn Moore had bright shining eyes and a ready smile that revealed her truly caring heart. She had a tendency to always see the good in everyone she met her family says. Her softness was not lessened by her true strength and determination as she was always willing to try again at a task until she felt she had succeeded.

Sarena was a mother and had a passion for animals. One of her life-long goals was to start a business that would bring animals and disadvantaged people together.

Sarena was also very active and dedicated in her faith, being a member of the Seventh Day Adventist church, using her time to help the elderly and the needy. Her sense of humor warmed her family’s heart as well. One of their favorite memories of Sarena was her greeting to her dad; ‘Hello Turkey’ she would say. Sarena’s love of people and ‘critters’ was unmatched and remembered by all who knew her.